Sean K. K. Eliseev



Over a decade of hands on experience in DESIGN having the opportunity at different points to wear every HAT from production (building and refining) through creative direction (leadership, design conception) in large multi-nationals to small boutique design agencies.


I have worked on everything from LOGOs to Story Boards, POS, POP, FSIs, Signs, Tradeshows, and everything in between.


Growing up in New Hampshire lead to multiple days of snow PLAYING and developed into a LOVE for snowboarding. Though I have found myself trying my hand at most BOARD sports. Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Wake Boarding, even took on Inline Skating.


I have found a new ROAD to travel, taking it on myself to further educate myself in the way of BUSINESS. I traveled around the world last year pursuing my MBA, and ended up getting a scholarship for a Master of Finance, now how does that fit with DESIGN??? Well even in design, business needs to be RUN, revenue needs to be EARNED, and growth needs to HAPPEN.